WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT! 12-Year-Old Girl Hangs Herself and Livestreams Her S*icide!

Recently, a disturbing video went viral across social media, receiving mixed reactions from and varying opinions among netizens.

The video was a livestream of a 12-year-old girl’s suicide. According to reports, the girl’s body was discovered on December 30, at around 6 PM. She was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

She used the application called “Live.me” to live-stream her suicide. It lasted for about 42 minutes, showing everything she did in preparation for her suicide.

The video starts with her positioning the camera, measuring the rope she will use to hang herself and making adjustments. She then made her final message.

She kept apologizing and crying loudly. In one part of the video, she said: “Sorry for not being strong. I don’t deserve to live.” and explains that she is experiencing a deep depression.

The rest of the video shows her dead body swaying at the end of the rope as the sun sets. It was both devastating and surreal. According to one of her diary entries, she was on medication for depression and she also attempted to kill herself before but her stepfather, who she accused of attempting to rape her, found out and beat her.

The video is eliciting criticism from netizens as Youtube and Facebook have yet to take her video down despite its graphic content that does not conform to community guidelines.

“Who the f*ck would post this video after her live. There was an option if you’re gonna post it or not. And stop tagging you dumb sick people.” said one netizen.

Despite the backlash, the video is still circulating across different social media platforms.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT! 12-Year-Old Girl Hangs Herself and Livestreams Her Suicide!

Source: TNP, TodayInManila

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